Strategic Goal Setting


Goal Setting is "Critical" to achieving our desired outcomes. However, what is more "Critical" is the "HOW" we develop our goals and the strategies we create to achieve them. Learn critical tips and tools to create your goals and strategies.

Power of  Relationships


Understanding the importance of working together to accomplish greatness is essential. Understanding how to establish relationships within different context is key. During this session, we will analyze how you have established relationships in the past, dissect the secrets of establishing relationships and learn tangible strategies to effectively build sustainable partnerships.

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Increasing Productivity and Efficiency in the Workplace

through Personal Development


Decreased productivity and efficiency can be harmful to the overall success of any business. Understand how personal struggles sneak into the workplace and develop strategies to sustain and increase productivity and efficiency.

So You Say You Want to LEAD!


Leadership is often thought of as a position everyone wants to attain. However, leadership is not as easy and functions differently depending on your followers. How would you define leadership? What makes you a leader? How can you become an effective leader? This session aims to help students develop leadership skills starting with an understanding of self, understanding of different leadership styles, and lastly an understanding of best ways to lead while staying true to one’s identity.

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