The Speaker Hack:

Discovering Your Style, Speaking More, and Getting Paid

Some of Dr. Joe's Clients

Is This Opportunity For You?

Although the value of this opportunity is $1,997, I am committed to accelerating the speaking career of 5 people for only $297. When considering whether or not to make an investment in ourselves, a logical question is, "Is it worth it?" I will share the process that has helped me turn a side hustle into my career. If you are ready to learn and honor the journey of a speaker, I am ready to steer you in the direction meant for you. Sometimes it's about the minor details that can create your multiple small wins before you come into your GRAND WIN!

What Do You Get?

*3 Hours of Online Training

(Identifying the Type of Speaker You Are?)

(Crafting Your Stories and Your Topics?)

(Creating Your Speaking Formula)

(Getting "PAID" for Free Opportunities)

*1 Hour of 1on1 Coaching

*Step by Step Process of Prospecting

*Access to My Personal Speaking Network

$297 Limited Spaces Available