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For Students & Athletes

Pursue Your Purpose, Not Your Dreams: It Starts With YOU!


Dreams allow us to create possibilities in our minds that may or may not come true. Purpose allows life to create what's destined to come true. Understanding the difference between a "PURPOSE" and   "DREAMS" starts with knowing who you are and what is happening in your environment.This session helps to understand the importance of self-esteem, the 4P's, and the difference between a "PURPOSE" and a "DREAM".

For Professionals

Working with "At-Risk" Students


This experiential session is designed to illuminate the pitfalls in providing effective care to “At-Risk” populations. We will address service and programming gaps in academia, mental health, and community based organizations. This session is conducive to generalist learning for mental health providers, academic officials, community organization leaders, parents, young adult, and youth populations within any setting.g. 

The Transition


Any TRANSITION in our lives can be scary. Whether it is from High School to college, college to the real world, or career change, transitioning is not always easy. Often individuals struggle with a variety of issues as they begin to make these adjustments. This session is designed to motivate, educate, build confidence and deconstruct many of these overarching transition issues. This session is fun, engaging and extremely interactive!

I don’t talk about DIVERSITY, I live it!


The word "Diversity and Multicultural" has become standard use for many institutions, organizations and people. How would you define diversity? How would your institution or organization define diversity? How does diversity look in your life? Do you know what it means to live this lifestyle? This session provides insight to what it really means to live a life with social justice, equality, and action in mind.

So You Say You Want to LEAD!


Leadership is often thought of as a position everyone wants to attain. However, leadership is not as easy and functions differently depending on your followers. How would you define leadership? What makes you a leader? How can you become an effective leader? This session aims to help students develop leadership skills starting with an understanding of self, understanding of different leadership styles, and lastly an understanding of best ways to lead while staying true to one’s identity.

Power of  Relationships


Understanding the importance of working together to accomplish greatness is essential. Understanding how to establish relationships within different context is key. During this session, we will analyze how you have established relationships in the past, dissect the secrets of establishing relationships and learn tangible strategies to effectively build sustainable partnerships.

"At-Risk" Professionals working with "At-Risk" Students:

Finding Your Sweet Spot


Working with At-Risk students can be challenging, frustrating, and very  disappointing to professionals who are working outside of their "Sweet Spot." Many professionals fall victim to a belief that "having a heart" for the At-Risk population is enough to create impact. This training is designed for professionals that are burned or burning out, searching for their "Sweet Spot" within the At-Risk student career field, or ready to discover and leverage their skills and strengths for traditional or non-traditional opportunities. 

Noticing the Unoticed: Working with Undocumented Students


Gain a critical understanding of UNDOCUMENTED students and tips and tools to help them navigate education and life. 

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