During the 2011-2012 school year, I had the pleasure to work with Joe Johnson while serving as President of Gators' College Access Network (C.A.N.) at the University of Florida. Mr. Johnson's knowledge, experience, and passion for education served as an invaluable asset to our organization throughout the school year. Additionally, Mr. Johnson served as the keynote speaker for Gators' C.A.N.'s 2012 Educational Access Summit. Through the telling of his own personal experiences in education, Mr. Johnson provided our audience excellent insight and motivation to become advocates for education reform in our community.


                                                   Andrew Hecht

                                                   North Miami Middle School Teacher


“He’s a phenomenal speaker! One of most entertaining speeches I’ve heard that actually helped me better understand myself for the future.”

                                                                                  College Student



“Dynamic, moving speech to uplift our youth to excel in every area of their lives.”


                                                                                 Shereka O'Neal, M.Ed

Joe Johnson has an unparalleled ability to spread any intellectually grounded message in the most relatable of ways. He is truly gifted in this way. Both youth and professionals alike will be undeniably blessed by his wisdom, message, and his presence alone.



                                                          Brandi L. Pritchett-Johnson, Ph.D.

                                                          Clinical Assistant Professor


"Through his words, Joe Johnson motivates young men and women to realize the inner power they have to achieve their goals and aspirations despite any challenge they might face. His candid and live-changing message ignites those attitudes that will ultimately invite success and happiness into their lives."


                                                                     Diane Archer-Banks, Ph.D


“Phenomenal…Joe Johnson shows compassion and serves as an  inspiration to his audience.”


                                                                                    Urvashi Singh
                                                                                    University of Florida

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