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This experience allows you to identify some of the traumatic experiences that may have impacted your life in multiple ways. You have the opportunity to remove guilt, hurt, pain, anger, and any other emotion that may come up because of what you have been through. This experience gives you an opportunity to create new knowledge and skills to navigate life and you also gain a new spirit to begin your journey of living with purpose and intention


Before the Heal Now Session, I didn't really know what to expect but now I know it wassomething that I NEEDED! Dr. Joe guided us effectively and you can feel his energy eventhrough the Zoom call! The lessons and valuable information towards my personal developmentwere necessary and is paving the path of healing and growth for me.I have been sooo positively impacted by this session, and I can see myself improving andbecoming my best self in the future. Thank you, Dr. Joe!!

Dr. Joe conducted a great session. I felt safe to be vulnerable and was able to get unstuck as I became more aware of my trauma and came face to face with some of my most recent hurt. There were tears, laughter, and most importantly healing and growth. If you want to grow and heal from past wounds, join HealNow 2021! This is your sign! Dr. Joe is the

I want to thank Dr. Joe for being 100% authentic and genuine with his teaching and I wish we had more time because the energy and vibrations from him was on an all-time high! He knows how to get to the core and shed light through and to you! AH-MAZING!!!! I recommend anyone who is seeking how to get through on their journey to start with Dr. Joe Heal Now Session 1st!!!!

Dr. Joes Heal Now session was a deep dive in to some healing that I had been putting off. I knew I would start the process but didn't expect it to happen on day 1. I'm glad I came because I took that step that I would have put off for longer. Thank you!

jj speaks logoSfinal-08.png

strategic goal setting mastermind session


Dr. Joe Johnson

This MASTERMIND session ($1,497 Value) is an opportunity to begin or to continue your 2023 journey upward in your personal or business life with a group of forward thinkers ready to accelerate to the next level of their greatness. Through a strategic process of "Purposeful Goal Setting" developed by Dr. Joe Johnson, you will be prepared to create and accomplish your "Purposeful Goals" in 2023.

strategic goal setting mastermind session


Dr. Joe Johnson


11:00AM-11:15AM (EST)


11:15AM-1:00PM (EST)

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