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As a child of divorce growing up in the inner city of Milwaukee - I wasn’t supposed to be successful.


I was supposed to be a statistic; just another casualty of the highest incarceration rate for black males in America. 


Robbed at gunpoint. Surrounded by violence. 1.6 GPA.


That WAS  my story. 


Until I decided to write a new one. 


I decided to live with purpose. And you can too.

You can’t live a life fulfilled until you live a life with purpose.

It’s Time To Begin Your Pursuit Of Purpose

Every single person has a vision for what they want their life to be.


Some people will hustle, work hard, and make that vision a reality. 


But, unfortunately, for the vast majority, that vision will remain what it is - an idea.



Fear. Comfort.

Fear paralyzes you. Comfort holds you hostage.


I was just like you once. My corporate job was providing me with a steady paycheck, benefits, and security. I had a vision but I was afraid. What if I failed? What if no one booked me to speak? What if we have a health crisis when I lose my insurance?


Fear was winning. Until I discovered what living with purpose can do.


I had more to offer the world and so do you.


It’s your time. Now’s your chance. What are you waiting for?


Ways I Can Help You

learn with me

Learn the skills you need to unleash your purpose, release your authentic self, and live an authentic life.

work with me

I’ll help you find alignment between purpose and profits as well as help you crush your goals.

book me

Looking for a dynamic speaker that can ignite a crowd and empower people to live purposeful lives? Look no further.


This was a great keynote that was relevant to all conference attendees. You could easily grasp the concepts of the topic and put yourself, your team and your organization in the discussion so the communication hit home.

"Dr. Johnson has a unique way of communicating and connecting with students.  He presented an energetic keynote to male high school and college students at our campus' Men's Leadership & Awards Luncheon. The students, faculty, and staff were inspired to move beyond seeking their dreams--and to aggressively pursue their life's purpose."

We've brought in Dr. Joe to keynote our Empower Me Tour since 2017. He brings an energy to the room that is caring, honest, fun, and his message always resonates with the audience.

- Vice President Automotive Key Account Sales

Henkel Transportation

- Courtney R. Brazile

Faculty, Eastfield College

- Stacy Lee


Are you ready to unleash your purpose and live a fulfilled life?

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