Begin Your
"Pursuit Of Purpose"

 Join the "POP" Movement! Think, Act, and Live Purposefully. Download (Part 1) of Your Purpose Kick Starter!

"The majority of Americans—52.3%—are unhappy at work, according to the Conference Board, the New York-based nonprofit research group."

What Are "You" Waiting For?

You are here because you are ready for a SHIFT! Whether that's a shift in your thinking, a shift in the work you do, a shift in your income, or maybe just maybe, you are here for the ultimate shift into your Purpose!


Listen, I remember working for a Fortune 500 company and every single day I could not believe I was working that hard for so long just to get up the next day and do it over again. I also remember working as a school counselor, loving what I did but there was a burning fire inside of me that knew I was born to impact the world. Lastly, I could remember sitting in my nice office working at a major university and everyday my mind was focused on my side hustle. I felt as though I was committing Adultery On My Purpose!


Just like many of you reading this, it was FEAR and COMFORT that was holding me Hostage. Fear of the unknown and comfort knowing that I had direct deposit hitting my bank account every two weeks.


It wasn't until I shifted my thinking and opened myself up to new information about Living Purposefully that I began to realize I had more to offer the world.

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I now add value to the world every single day by living my purpose and I feel RELIEVED, FREE, and totally MYSELF!


Now it is your turn to begin your Pursuit Of Purpose! What are you waiting for?



MEET Dr. Joe Johnson
Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Author, and Mindset Shifter

Dr. Joe Johnson is also known around the country as Joe Johnson Speaks. When he fully accepted his responsibility of thinking, acting, and living purposefully, he was able to set himself up for the lifestyle he deserves and begin to help other's do the same.


When he started Joe Johnson Group,  his gift of speaking and training individuals in K-12 and college settings allowed him to travel the country and impact students and professionals.


Because of his unique combination of natural common sense, street smarts, and learned book smarts, he has been trained to identify the gaps and needs of individuals and organizations.   


Recognizing the need for individuals to reconnect with themselves in order to thrive in their business, career, and life, Dr. Johnson authored the book "Pursue Your Purpose Not Your Dreams" to help individuals with this process. He developed curriculums, online programs, provides personal development coaching, and also consults with education professionals.


He wants the world to begin to think, act, and live purposefully! Since he started to use this process, growth began to happen in his life and he is here to serve others the same process.


His clients have been thrilled with his ability to be transparent, honest, vulnerable, and impactful. But guess what, Dr. Joe Johnson is just getting started!   



Begin Your
"Pursuit Of Purpose"

 Join the "POP" Movement! Think, Act, and Live Purposefully. Download (Part 1) of Your Purpose Kick Starter!

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