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You don’t find your PURPOSE. You don’t discover your PURPOSE. You UNLEASH your PURPOSE!





Pursue Your Purpose, Not Your Dreams: It Starts With YOU!

Dreams allow us to create possibilities in our minds that may or may not come true. Purpose allows lifeto create what's destined to come true. Understanding the difference between "PURPOSE"and“DREAMS" starts with knowing who you are and what is happening in your environment.This sessionhelps to understand the importance of self-esteem, the 4P's, and the difference between a "PURPOSE"and a "DREAM

Evolve: From A 1.6gpa, to A PhD, to an EntrepreneuR

We’ve all experienced some level of evolution since we were born. Whether it was crawling then learning how to walk or starting a business from home and now you have an office building full of employees. Evolution is necessary. However, in order to create the success we desire, there is also a

Select an area to comment on level of evolution that must take place in our MINDSET, HEARTSET, and SOULSET for us to be able to fully walk in our purpose.

Creating the New Wave: Innovating with Purpose by being an Angelic Disruptor

Creativity and innovation are sometimes lost in our fear of the unknown. However, if it were not forcreativity and innovation our technology would not be where it is, diversity of businesses would not behere, and so many people would be stuck in whatever“average” means to them. Disrupting traditions ornorms have become critical to creating a life full ofpurpose and thriving businesses.

I don’t talk about DIVERSITY;I live it with Purpose!

The word "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" has become standard use for many institutions,organizations and people. How would you define diversity? How would your institution or organizationdefine diversity? How does diversity look in your life? Do you know what it means to live this lifestyle?Thiskeynoteprovides insight to what it really means to live a life with social justice, equality, and actionin mind

Purpose & Profit Accelerator: Increasing your Profit in your Life or in the Business

So many of us have issues creating the life we deserve and desire. Many business struggles with theexact same issue. Too often, we try to skip steps and take short cuts. That will never work. Come learnthe foursteps that so many individuals and business forget that leave them stuck and missing out on thepurposeandprofit they deserve

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Dr. Joe filled the room with energy! I highly recommend inviting Dr. Joe as a speaker to your business or organization if you want to cultivate a team culture that is driven and motivated and one that was to create, develop and succeed, together and individually.

Fatma Hassan

Canada Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council

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